Thats right!  Remember when you were feeling real good about yourself?  This could have been 20, 15, 10, 5 or 2 years ago.  Why do we get caught up in thinking we are past our days of looking and feeling good?  Why do we say words like " I am too old to start exercising; to out of shape to get in shape; to look good; to feel and be sexy?"  We all have the same wonderful muscles, the same amazing pump " the heart" and the same chance to be strong, amazing beings. 

My leg muscles that take me through forest trails, up hills and jumping across streams are the same muscles that you have in your legs.  My heart that beats easily as I run or cycle miles is the same dynamic structure that is inside you.  All of your body muscles are identical to mine except in one way; you hold your muscles back.  Your muscles are not allowed to perform and be the best that they can be.  

What a great shame that we become slow, become over-weight, become weak, become unhappy, become lethargic, become unsexy just by how we think.  It is only our mind that holds us back.  Our body and heart muscle are designed to BE STRONG AND MOVE!   

The body, your body, is a miracle machine -- give it a chance; allow it to work; be joyfully surprised.

In strength,

Dangerous Donna